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- 2017 -

- Renovation project -

At Bislett you will find a large apartment with colors that gives the feeling of harmony. A pale green in contrast with a darker grey gives a perfect balance in the apartment. 


The costumer bought the apartment, wanted to renovate it (thats where I come in) and sell it again. Therefore they wanted a clean, classy and sofisticaed style that anyone could fall in love with.

KALOs position:

  • Inspection & requirements analysis

  • Choice of materials in bathrooms

  • Choice of materials in kitchen

  • Choice of colors in the whole apartment

  • Smaler details, such as handels etc.


The colors are from Jotun:

  • Grey:

  • Green:

  • White:

The pictures and styling is not done by KALO.

- Living Room - 

- Dining room -

- Kitchen - 

- Master bedroom -

Rental part

- Rental part -

- Bathrooms -

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