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- Reuse of space - a school library turned into a gallery & café -

A concept that attempts to draw attention from people in all ages - to make a space that different 

generations can enjoy together. 


In the gallery & café you will see design elements that is aimed for the younger crowd and elements aimed for the older generations. 


Playful seating placed in front of the windows will attract the youth to come inside. Inside there is elements that both the youth and the grown will enjoy. Such as an variation of seating, some comfy and some aimed for the younger generation.

The gallery is also designed with a variety of movable and solid exhibition items, that makes it more exiting. The loose items can be placed different places in the gallery, and the solid items is there to stay, but can be used for different types of art exhibitions.


Half way trough the gallery there is a seating placed in a "awkward" 

corner to make it into something useful, it is a place the younger crowd can take a step back and hang out, or a place the older people can take a break while they listen to different types of sounds/music that apart of the exhibition from the speakers in this room.

- Furnishing & lighting plan - 

- Gallery reception and waiting/reading lounge, seen from the streets -

- Gallery reception and waiting/reading lounge -

- Elevation of the gallery reception and waiting/reading lounge -

- Café with similar design as the reception across the room - 

- Café view from the streets, with fun seating that attracts the youth -

- Elevation of the café and gallery -

- Gallery elements. Firmly mounted elements placed in-between columns, and removable gallery elements placed on the ground. These can be placed anywhere in the room - 

- Elevation of gallery elements, both solid and removable - 

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