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- Expanding Clarion Hotel Royal Kristiania´s brand and attracting more people to their hotel that is located in centrum of Oslo, by renovating their lobby  -

One of the issues was to not only attract more people to choose this hotel to stay at when they visit Oslo, but also make it a place where people from Oslo want to go for a drink/eat/hang out. 

To attract people that are not staying in the hotel there is placed a bar in the front of the first floor, with large windows all around - that way people on the street will notice it. 

There is also a new reception area. The future and the digitization has been taken in to account while designing the reception. The idea is that this reception can easily be used as self checkin points in the future. 

- Bar area/lobby in the back -

- Bar  -

- Café/Lobby -

- Reception -

- Reception/Lobby -

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